Windows Style Builder Screenshot
WindowsStyleBuilder comes with a simple GUI totally focused on editing MsStyles. Since VSB is specially for Vista and Windows 7, it has a Windows7-look-and-feel.
XP Importing Screenshot
Porting XP Visual Styles to Vista/Win7 is made incredibly easy: VSB comes with an Import-XP-tool. Your imported Luna will even work in Aero-mode and get dropshadows for free!
Stream/Atlas Image Screenshot
STREAM image editing is fully supported and totally seamless; STREAM images are handled just like normal images. VSB will take care of everything, including resizing and layout out the stream efficiently.
Preview Screenshot
The Preview window will show exactly how the margins will relate to resizing of an image.
Properties Screenshot
WindowsStyleBuilder gives you full control over your MsStyles file: you can remove or add new properties to every possible part. By adding new properties, new effects such as textglows in the taskbar can be achieved.
StyleHacks Screenshot
You can easily change complex parts with the help of StyleHacks. Windows Style Builder will come with a selection of StyleHacks made by the best MsStyle hacker, UK.Intel.
Resizing Screenshot
When you import a new image with a different size than the original, WindowsStyleBuilder will prompt you what to do with the image.
Testing Screenshot
Clicking the Test button will directly let your pc use the Visual Style you are developing. You also get an window which shows all common controls in their available states.
When you quit test mode or VSB, the Visual Style on your pc will be set back to normal.