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Author Topic: Bug? Property Tabs ('Selected' state is not affected in some parts)  (Read 3470 times)
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« on: January 29, 2009, 08:12:50 am »


Bug:  The 'Selected' state in both TopTabItemRightEdge and TopTabItemBothEdge are not affected by the properties within it.

Can anyone confirm this bug?

More Info:
The reason I think this is a VSB bug is because making changes to Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab > TopTabItemLeftEdge > Selected works.  I have set the font to bold in that section and can see the changes.  However, making changes to Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab > TopTabItemRightEdge > Selected or Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab > TopTabItemBothEdge > Selected has no effect.  ** Changing properties in any other state within the two unaffected sections does work, strangely **

Perhaps I've done this wrong?  If anyone could replicate this bug or show me the correct way to implement the properties, please tell me!

- KJohnson
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